Easier Preparing For Disruption With Predictions

Over 200 Technologies Appearing Since 2010 Were Predicted.

Can Government Plan Against Predicted High Unemployment & Social Disruption?

Discover Socio Economic Impacts From Tomorrow's Technology.

Step 1: Technological Predictions That Came True

We Predicted Today's Software Adapting To Your Behavior

  • Advertisements adapted to your interests.
  • GPS predicting your needs, then recommending where to shop.
  • Security systems predicting fraudulent behavior.
  • Games, Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • Computer training which adapts to student's learning curve.
  • Music better adapted to your tastes.
  • Many more examples outlined in thousands of published pages.
  • Facebook, Amazon, Google, Pandora study your behavior.
  • We predicted many other examples.
  • We predict unbounded uses of this in the coming century. 

Other Predicted Technologies Seen Today

  • Audio
  • Distancer: Notifies when any two things separate beyond designated distance.
  • Art making software.
  • Database analysis.
  • Educational training built into many interfaces today.
  • Indicators which notify when something has happened.
  • Notifications systems which are more intelligent in reducing false alarms.
  • Programming tools
  • Telecommunications
  • User Interfaces
  • Much more.

Better Lie Detectors Today & Tomorrow

  • Compares information about the suspect from multiple digitizable events. 
  • Catches inconsistencies in the liar's stories.
  • Unethical Political Influence Score: Software analyzing: Who donated money to whom. Actions made benefiting the donor. Requires access to all gov documents.
  • Advanced facial recognition
  • Better merging of crime related databases from different jurisdictions.
  • Fairer ways of determining punishment levels through use of criminal behavior algorithms. 
  • Software that provides greater transparency for voters on unethical local government actions.